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Oracle B. Smith is a Texas broker who's teach-show approach to real estate delivers results for her clients that will make you want to tell a friend. After 10 years in the industry, this millennial mother of two, has joined Compass Real Estate in Texas with the intention of leveraging tech and network to bring bigger, better real estate services to the DFW and Houston residential, small commercial, and multi-family investment markets. Oracle's commitment to customer service, creativity, and attention to detail has won her the support of buyers, sellers, developers, and investors alike. Oracle's mission is to lead a dynamic media-driven team of like-minded real estate professionals supporting buyers and sellers to reach their real estate and wealth building goals and talk about it. Oracle seeks to make a lasting impact by promoting the message of building wealth via intentional, personal, and group investments in real estate. Follow her everywhere at @oracle_compass and her team at @cocoatcompass. Tune-in to the Home Story Talk Show hosted by Oracle on YouTube.



Oracle became a mother before she graduated high school, beginning her career in real estate while in college as a leasing consultant to provide a home for her and her young daughter. Her real estate license would come 8 years later, a tribute to her newborn son.

"Almost every move I have ever made to educate myself or expand as a professional has been in honor of my children and the symbol of what home has provided me as a mother. The home we have is where we feel the most safe in the world. Whether it is by making money from a sale, building your first home from the ground up, or even choosing the right vacation home, I enjoy leading our team as we focus on helping others find that same feeling of peace and safety that we hold at our house." Oracle B. Smith



Experience a "good-feeling" transaction when working with Oracle and the Coco Group. The client process, experience, and relationship is built upon the principles of wellness and strong values that delight in doing no harm. Oracle is also pretty fun to be around. She loves to dance, leads a monthly community hike, and writes a blog online at

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